Mrs Leeper’s Beef Lasagna

Mrs Leeper's Beef Lasagna

Mrs Leeper's Beef Lasagna

Mrs Leeper’s Beef Lasagna is on the menu for review today.  A while ago, I did a review on Mrs Leeper’s Creamy Tuna.  It went so swimmingly that I decided to see how another one of Mrs Leeper’s dinners would compare.

Ease of Use

Mrs Leeper’s Beef Lasagna is very easy to make and takes very few ingredients.  You supply one pound ground beef and three cups of water.  The box supplies the rest (though, technically, you supply the box as well…)

Brown the beef, drain it, add water and seasonings.  Add the pasta when it boils and cover and cook.


I don’t know if I over-stirred my lasagna or if it would have happened anyway, but all of my noodles broke.  I had very few that maintained their mini lasagna shape.  Even so, the finished product looked very appetizing.  It got an emphatic, “Mmmm” from my daughter when she saw it.

Taste and Texture

Mrs Leeper’s Beef Lasagna had a pleasant texture.  I know that seems oddly phrased, but I enjoyed eating it.  The noodles were not over cooked, just soft enough to blend with the textures of the beef and sauce very well.

It tasted good, but I have to say there was something odd about the aftertaste.  It wasn’t bad enough that I would avoid buying this product in the future, but it did keep Mrs Leeper’s Beef Lasagna from becoming an instant favorite in the categories of gluten free lasagna or gluten free boxed dinners.


Aside from topping it with cheese or adding veggies, Mrs Leeper’s Beef Lasagna does not lend itself to a whole lot of versatility.  It seems to be one of those products that just is what it is.


This gluten free lasagna can feed a family of four for the price of a box (about $4.50) and a pound of hamburger.  Not bad in my book, especially when you factor in time saved in the kitchen.


Though the aftertaste was odd, it didn’t stick with me.  I recommend this product for a quick weeknight meal.


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