Olive Garden gluten free menu review

I ordered the Penne Rigate Pomodoro – Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, extra-virgin olive oil and marinara sauce tossed with gluten free penne pasta and I added grilled chicken. This was the worst pasta I have ever tasted in my life. I have been gluten free for over 10 years and have tried a lot of gluten free pasta and none of them were this bad. After some research I found out it is a microwave dinner they are serving you. I appreciate restaurants providing gluten free meals but this is an utter failure and huge ripoff at $10.99. If you are going to provide gluten free like this, please don’t. The salad was good.

worst pasta ever

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  1. s. rogers says:

    What a shock on the bad taste of Olive Garden. I had a similar experience yesterday at Olive Garden in Flint, MI, ordering the pasta with marinara. I thought it would be flavorful as my memory of their other of their sauces are, but yuck…The worst waste of $$$–pasta was chewy as leather as in undercooked or tough from the microwave? The dab of sauce had no flavor, herb flavor or salt–was supposed to have bell peppers and onions, but no pieces were evident. What a waste of a dinner out. The dab of sauce was soaked up in the dry pasta after a couple bites. Locally in Ann Arbor, MI we have Paesano’s that will cook quinoa pasta to order, has wonderfully flavored dishes, (I had veal scallopine for my husband’s birthday) even will fix a personalized GF bread for appetizer while others eat their bread.

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